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Most businesses rely heavily on large, expensive equipment to meet their production and operation needs. Although the need is there, purchasing large equipment outright can be a financial burden on companies of all sizes, which is why we are happy to offer flexible and convenient equipment financing programs. Our equipment leasing and financing solutions can help you obtain the machinery you need to become more efficient, sell more products and expand your business.


Program Details and Benefits

We have a variety of equipment financing programs that can be chosen based on your business needs, including:

  • Startup Program: Ideal for new businesses that may have a difficult time securing regular loans, our startup financial products make it easier to obtain equipment necessary for expansion.
  • “Second Chance” Program: Many businesses have experienced some financial strain due to difficult economic times. If your credit has been damaged, you may still qualify for our convenient “Second Chance” program.
  • Sale and Lease Back: This generous financial product allows you to sell your equipment to us, then make payments to lease it back. Once you have finished paying all of your lease payments, you will own the equipment again.
  • Government Programs: Government entities and municipalities are eligible to receive our equipment leasing services. Any federal or state agency can be approved for our financial solutions, including public schools, armed forces, libraries, police departments and others.

Thanks to our attractive and convenient leasing programs, acquiring the equipment you need for your business has never been easier. Doing so will also leave your bank credit lines free and available for other financial needs.

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Contrary to popular belief, acquiring the equipment you need for your business doesn’t have to drain your company funds or savings. Call Evergreen Commercial Finance today and our team of experienced financial solutions professionals will help you select the right equipment financing program for your needs.